HOPE Volunteers

Interested in voluntering?
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Information for Volunteers

Volunteers form the backbone of the services provided by Hope Equestrian Center. Next to the horses themselves, volunteers are the single most important part of our therapeutic riding program. Our thanks!

What Needs to be Done?

Some of our jobs require training which we provide periodically throughout the year. We need volunteers for such jobs as:


Volunteers must be willing to commit themselves to a regular day and time for a certain number of weeks, arriving promptly. New volunteers will be given a trial period of a few sessions for them to determine if the work is appropriate to their expectations. It is important that volunteers notify our volunteer coordinator as soon as possible (at least 24 hours notice) of illness or time conflicts so that a substitute may be found.

Horse Experience

This is essential for leading a horse, but not necessary for side-walking or most other volunteer positions. We do try to offer opportunities to learn horse handling skills to those who are interested.


The rewards of this work are immediate: smiles, hugs, progress in skills, enthusiasm from parents, teachers and therapists. We also schedule special events throughout the year to celebrate our riders and families, volunteers, staff, friends and supporters.

For more information, call HOPE Equestrian at 541-776-0878
or e-mail info@hopeequestrian.com